Zip Me Up


  Did you know that people after a Chiari decompression surgery are know as zipperheads due to the zipper like scar on the back of their neck? In summer of 2017, I had decompression surgery.  They removed about 2 large postage stamps worth of skull at the base, removed 1/3 of my C1 vertebrae and […]


My Brain is Doing What!


  So what is this Chiari Malformation that I am talking about? Basically my brain is too big for my skull and is pushing down through the base of my skull into my spinal canal.  This puts pressure on my spinal cord and can block the flow of spinal fluid. With this new diagnosis I […]


Sometimes You Have to Be Your Own Hero


  Sometimes You Have to Be Your Own Hero….. This is one of my favorite sayings.  In life there is not always someone that can do things for you. Adjustments after major changes in your life is mainly done by you.  You may even go through the 5 stages of grief over these changes. For […]


Why CowBaby?


If the site title is “Just for today…”, why is the domain Well the answer is easy.  My baby girl drank so much formula that the doctor joked that she would turn into a cow.  So we started calling her cowbaby. Now she didn’t really turn into a cow nor became a heavy girl.  […]