I Will Not Worry.. Yeah Right… Taxes!

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  Again I am saying “I will not worry” as a mantra.  So far I have not even come close to mastering this principle.  Maybe I should have started at the bottom of the list.  *laughing* Taxes are killing me.  Trying to feel confident that I am doing it right and totally worried that if […]


The Cutest Coincidence


  A friend of mine went to the zoo on her birthday.  She went as she loves elephants and there was babies. She knew that one of the babies was named McKenna (her name) but she didn’t know that the other was named Tina (my name). How cool is that?


Check, Check, Check…. Ugh


So I am happy to report that I received my new yoga mat and my new block. Lets go over the list… yoga mat – check yoga stabilizing blocks – check yoga “Moving Toward Balance” book and videos I like – check Ambition…… NOPE You would think 3 checks would overcome the one but sadly […]


4-7-8 Relax

Breathing Exercises, Meditation

I have discovered how powerful simply breathing can be in making you relax, stop worrying or even reduce pain levels. The best one I found is explained by Dr. Weil. It can be done anywhere and is so easy and it really works for me.  I even use it right before I fall asleep. “Exhale […]


Ready ….. Set…..


  So while I am laying here unable to sleep and thinking how I should not have had raspberry sherbet today, I decided to shop on Amazon. Time to get what I need to start yoga.  Years before surgery I could to yoga moves without props, but now I need a little help.  So following […]


Naughty Milkshakes


  What is a naughty milkshake?  It is a milkshake with rum!  Sometimes you need a childhood drink with an adult twist. My favorite is vanilla ice cream with Orange Cream Tippy Cow.  


I Will Not Worry


  Just for today I will not worry. I think for me that this is the hardest principle.  My brain is constantly worrying.  I am the person that deals with money, taxes, car repairs, home repairs, medical bills……. and my mother in law. Last couple of days “I will not worry” has been said so […]


Powerful Principles


  Whether or not you believe in Reiki, their 5 Principles are powerful when you think about them. Just for today… I will not worry I will not be angry I will do my work honestly I will give thanks for my many blessings I will be kind to every living thing. Of course there […]


The Search Begins

Breathing Exercises, Meditation, Reiki, Yoga

  As things change in life we learn to adapt.  During these times we also tend to search out reasons why, things to do to help fix it or to help us adjust.  Sometimes we even try things that may be out of our comfort zones. I have been doing yoga, meditating, breathing exercises and […]




  Momma had a baby and her head popped off. Remember saying that as a child just before you popped off the top of a dandelion with your fingers? Well this is how I felt after surgery.  Extremely paranoid that I would be something wrong and have to go back in and have the part […]